Interview with Author Angie Ransome-Jones

One of the 2019 Honorees at the 4th Annual Equanimity Awards Gala, happening in October, is Angie Ransome-Jones. She is best known for her bestseller, Path to Peace: A Guide to Managing Life After Losing a Loved One, published in 2015. She offers ghostwriting services and mentoring. In fact, she is being recognized for her … Continue reading Interview with Author Angie Ransome-Jones

Interview with JustUs® Founder, Stacy Killian

Sometimes horrific things happen, and people do overcome those things. JustUs® Love Corporation founder, Stacy Killian, is one such person. After coming to terms with being a survivor of sexual abuse, she went on to found this amazing company that helps inspire other survivors and bring awareness to sexual abuse suppression. Recently, I had the … Continue reading Interview with JustUs® Founder, Stacy Killian

Interview with SOL Yoga’s Catherine De Francesco

Catherine De Francesco founded SOL Yoga after years of dreaming about having her own business. Life was quite busy, prior to her project, and juggling parenting four children, her busy household, business as a real estate and investment agent was starting to cause her to experience a decline in her health and wellness. After she … Continue reading Interview with SOL Yoga’s Catherine De Francesco

Interview with Laura Alotaibi

(Reposted from "Allen mother of triplets switches careers to fill need, open time for kids" in StarLocalMedia with permission. Header Photo Credit: Fredshots Photography). Allen resident Laura Alotaibi has her hands full. Alongside husband Samir, Laura spends her days chasing 7-year-old triplets Adam, Sami and Zeina (and Spike the bearded dragon) and still finds time … Continue reading Interview with Laura Alotaibi

Igusi Hospital Hope Update

Thanks to the generous donations of many, J.B. Dondolo, Inc. was able to install a new filtration system at the clinic in Igusi, Zimbabwe. Through two fundraisers through the CaringCrowd platform, enough was raised to install the filters, connect the filters through a new pipeline, and retest the water. That's not all, enough was raised … Continue reading Igusi Hospital Hope Update