About Us

Equanimity Magazine's LogoIn 2009, Equanimity LLC and Equanimity Magazine were launched by Lumbie Mlambo. Equanimity means a state of mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper – even when facing difficulties.

For nearly a decade, the magazine has shared award-winning content and coverage of those people who inspire others to success. Ben Lecomte, Mark Victor Hanson, T.D. Jakes, and Gloria Loring have all graced its covers.

Lumbie Mlambo’s vision for Equanimity is “to empower, encourage, and inspire others through true, real-people stories, to help people not give up hope; but to realize they have a potential to rise, be creative, and be who they want to be, as well as participate in the community.”

In addition to sharing the stories of others, Equanimity Magazine has a powerful philanthropic aspect that sponsors many events in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, including the annual EQTmag.com Awards Gala benefiting the JB Dondolo, Inc. Charity (501c3).

J.B. Dondolo LogoJB Dondolo, Inc., a philanthropic organization, was founded in 2012 in honor of Lumbie Mlambo’s late father. The foundation works to provide charitable services worldwide to impoverished communities. The most recent project undertaken by J.B. Dondolo is the quest to renovate a medical clinic in Igusi, Zimbabwe (the “Hospital Hope” project), starting with ensuring the community has clean water.

The EQTmag Blog exists as a platform to share the stories beyond what we are able to share within the pages of our magazine.