2 Bros. In The Kitchen

Who doesn’t love cake? Shane (12) and Nigel (10) Mushambi love cake so much, they decided to do something about it. They started their own baking business, 2 Bros. in the Kitchen after winning a baking contest – not once, not twice, but three times. Recently, we were able to learn more about these talented young bakers turned entrepreneurs.

How did you get the idea to start 2 Bros in the Kitchen? 

Nigel and Shane Mushambi have been baking since they were toddlers

Three years ago we won a baking contest. After the contest, a few people asked us to make them the prize-winning cake…Strawberry Cream Cake. The following year we won again with the same cake and even more, people place orders. Then one day someone was over how the house and offered them a piece of Coconut Cake, after eating a slice they said they would like to place an order. So then we had two flavors.  A few months ago, we won the baking contest for the third time!  Shortly after that, we were asked to join a local entrepreneurs group for youth. Since then we have been very busy. We just recently rolled out two new flavors, coffee, and chocolate. We also started making Party Bomb and Illusion Cakes.

Shane and Nigel Mushambi of 2 Bros. in the Kitchen

What roles do each of you play in the business? 

Nigel: I am the structured one. I cook, handle the finances and social media accounts.  I also oversee quality control and inventory levels.

Shane: I am the creative one. I created most of the recipes. I’m also in charge of finding and developing new products. I also help create our logo and other marketing items.  I also cook.

Can you talk about the journey to become a business? 

Starting the business was easy. Running the business is the hard part such as, late night baking, finding recipes. We have so many learning curves to get over. We had to create a logo, get our Food Handler’s License, design marketing material, and register our DBA.

What’s your favorite thing about being a young business owner?

We get to eat the cake scraps, scout out our competition (eating at other cake places so we can compare our quality of food to other cake businesses).

What’s your least favorite thing about being a young business owner?

A lot of people don’t take us seriously and getting legal things done is a lot harder.

What’s a challenge you’ve overcome in doing business with your brother?

LOL..Splitting the money, deciding logo colors and deciding what we should focus on next.

What advice do you have to other young entrepreneurs who would like to start businesses while they are still kids?

“Just do it!” Just start your business and go with the flow. Use your kid status to your advantage, but be very professional.

Shane (12) left and Nigel (10) right

What do you each do for fun?

Shane: I play basketball, bake, and play video games. (With some of the money I earned from the business I was able to buy my own Nintendo Switch).

Nigel: I play basketball, read, and video games (With some of the money I got from the business, I bought myself A Nintendo Switch too, BEFORE SHANE DID).

Follow these amazing kids at 2 Bros. in the Kitchen on Facebook and at @2brositk on Instagram. If you’re interested in ordering one of their cakes, you may contact them through their Facebook page. 


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